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I've been to a lot of different gyms and tried a lot of different workouts. DCC has by far been the best one I've been to. Great staff, great crowd, and unique workouts that never get boring. If you want to get in tip-top shape while having fun, this is the place to be. 
 -Alfred Lee

Top notch facilities and trainers. It's the best I've been to in Toronto. 

It's an unconventional gym...with activities such as jumping in and out of a monster truck wheel, and bootcamp style obstacle courses. It's neat how you're trained by using your own strength and resistance, rather than relying on a boring elliptical machine.
 -Angela H.

Jared taught me exercises that strengthened my core and helped me recover from a back injury. Using the stability exercises I learned, I was able to return to competition much quicker. In addition, I gained a lot of knowledge which is helpful in my training routine now.
 -Ricardo Hudson

When I was looking for a trainer in Toronto I interviewed several before I found Jared. He had what I thought were the best qualifications and experience to train me for what I was looking for. After having had an extensive background in training and martial arts myself, I found Jared's approach to training precise and methodical in achieving results without causing strain on joints or muscles, which is the common ailment most people suffer from after being trained incorrectly. He is detailed when you work on any exercise and knowledgeable to avoid irritating any old injuries that you may have. This said, I would recommend him very highly to anyone wanting to find an excellent trainer.
— Adrian Paul, Actor 'Highlander'

Although I was originally told I would never walk again due to the severity of my injuries, I have made amazing progress. Since working with staff at DCC on a weekly basis, I am now able to take walks every day, in addition to continuing with my exercise routine. I am very indebted to your knowledge, professionalism and constant encouragement.
— Daphne (retired)

DCC is one of the finest facilities you will find anywhere, not only providing a unique and fun training experience that are in complete adherence to the Renegade Concepts of Training but with some of the finest professionals on staff anywhere. I strongly urge you to contact DCC at (416) 929-7812 and book an appointment with their highly qualified staff of seasoned professionals.
— John Davies, Renegade Training

I continue to exercise with Jared once a week to ensure that my bones stay strong. I think that this is very important to do as we grow older.
— Professor Scheider, 91 years old

The Dynamic Team has helped me maintain the level of fitness that is necessary to compete at a high level of Athletics. The conditioning team knows the right techniques to improve your skills and elevate your game. If you play fast, competitive sports and want to play like a pro, then you have to train like a pro. Let the Dynamic team take you to the next level.
— Steve Farquharson, Ryerson University Hockey Team/Barrie Colts OHL

As an international boxer, the strength training I have done with Lee has improved my speed, power and agility. I noticed a huge difference in my performance, in only a few weeks. The strength programs they design are tough, but pay-off when I'm boxing.
— Wendy Broad, International Boxer

Jared and Lee definitely helped me improve my fitness and strength in all the important areas for a football player. My core strength, speed and power increased greatly and the conditioning center is one that always brought out the best in my workouts. With help from their training I was able to finish the 2007 season leading the CIS in receiving yards (958) and touchdowns (9) as well as a 1st team All-Canadian selection. I look forward to using the training techniques and methods I learned from DCC in my pursuit of playing professional football.
— Mike Bradwell, Toronto Argonauts, #88

Lee tailored my workouts to enhance my performance as a trapeze artist. At one point, my trapeze coach said: "whatever it is you're doing, keep it up - your body is so strong and connected.
— Gloria Slade , Actor/Trapeze Artist

The Dynamic Conditioning Centre is simply a fantastic training facility. It is great to train in a gym that is designed for sports performance and with athletes as the main focus. I have no hesitation in recommending the Dynamic Conditioning Centre as a place to improve your athleticism.
— Calvin Morriss, England Saxon's National Fitness Coach

When I first started out my agility was horrible, after I worked on it with Jared at the Dynamic Conditioning Centre it improved. My jumping ability has also increased dramatically which just adds to my game. Thanks for everything that you have done for me.
— Mike Mizerski, Wide Receiver, Team Canada

Before working with Lee at DCC I was bored of the same old strength training. I mean how many times can you do bench press before you're sick of it. Lee developed a program that has not only rapidly increased my muscle mass, but my speed, agility, power, and cardio fitness have been greatly enhanced. The most important impact DCC has had on me is that they have made strength training fun again. They have rejuvenated my commitment to improve my athletic performance and help insure a long successful football career.
— Jon Landon, Toronto Argonauts, O-Lineman

Before working with Jared at his unique high performance facility, the Dynamic Conditioning Centre, I had only performed workouts that I read about in magazines. These workouts were not meant to help improve me as a professional athlete. Jared has developed a program that has not only rapidly increased my max Bench and Squat results, but has improved my overall foot speed, agility, power, and flexibility. Jared has taught me many things that have already improved my game and will decrease my chance of injury. These two components are key in ensuring that I have a long and enjoyable career as a professional Lacrosse player. The workouts are tough but always enjoyable. I would recommend Jared and the Dynamic Conditioning Centre to any athlete, at any level, and especially Lacrosse players.
— Peter Lough, Toronto Rock

In martial arts having trust in my agility, timing and control is paramount but has always been a challenge for me. Training at DCC, my fighting performance was immediately improved. My hand eye coordination, power, balance, and control all increased 110% right away. Jared and the Dynamic Conditioning Centre have not only changed the way I view exercise but also changed the way I exercise my body. Thanks to their unique style of training, I no longer have to spend hours doing cardio at my local gym, I get all the conditioning I need to shape my body and improve my performance from the one hour workouts Jared designs for me. I train for 3 major reasons: to improve my fighting, improve my fitness level, and to control my weight. Finding the Dynamic Conditioning Centre is the best thing that ever happened to all three areas. Thank you, Jared, for pushing me so hard.
— Kelly Macdonald, Mixed Martial Artist

I feel this is an absolutely unique form of fitness training. It can't be done in your regular 'weight gym'. It combines aerobic and power training, which is perfect for playing rugby. DCC's ä sport-specific workout has directly improved my on-pitch performance. It is also great that I can have an efficient and effective workout in about an hour.
— Brian Crothers, Buccanneers Rugby Club/Barrister _ Solicitor

Working out at the Dynamic Conditioning Centre had a huge impact on the overall tightness of the team. We were better able to bond and grow together while training at the DCC. We noticed a large benefit in the late stages of games - kids were still skating hard, while the other team was getting tired. Our team went from 10th place to 7th with a 17 point improvement from the previous year. The team really enjoyed it and many of them were asking if they could continue in the off-season and come back next year.
— Chris Russo, Head Coach - Hilcrest Summits Bantam 'AA'

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