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To foster a culture where health and fitness
drive results and motivate superior
in all areas of life.
DCC Open Gym Hours
Play In The Lair: Work out on your own anytime during these hours. 
You may also book any of our strength coaches or Infrared Sauna services
for private sessions during any of these hours. Call 416-929-7812 for details.

Monday to Thursday - 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday - 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM
Saturday - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
Sunday - Noon to 5:00 PM

 Weekly Class Schedule 
        Open to group deal coupon holders, class members and unlimited members.          

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7-8 AM
Boot Camp 
  7-8 AM


  9-10:30 AM
High Intensity Conditioning
          10:30 to  11:30 AM   Kettlebells 
12:05 to
12:50 PM
Boot  Camp 

12:05 to
12:50 PM
 Boot Camp
12:05 to 12:50 PM
Boot Camp

  12:30 to 1:30 PM    Women's Body Sculpting

2-3 PM  Boot   Camp

EVENING  5:30 to   6:30 PM  Boot Camp 
6-7 PM
Boot Camp
 6-7 PM
Boot Camp
6-7 PM Women's Body Sculpting6-7 PM

6:30 to   7:30 PM
Boot Camp 
7-8 PM
High Intensity
7-8 PM
Core Dynamics
7-8PM Advanced Boot Camp    
7:30 to
 8:30 PM Kettlebells


Class Descriptions

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all classes are co-ed.

Introductory Boot Camp, Boot Camp and Advanced Boot Camp
Instructors: Shannon Conrad, Tyler Lees-Schmut, Jimmy Devries
Boot Camp is one of DCC’s core offerings. It’s a full body workout in groups small enough to allow for individual attention and coaching. Introductory Boot Camp can be a great way to start your DCC journey. All our bootcamps feature a total body workout that tightens and tones while burning calories. No two workouts are ever the same. You may work with body weight exercises, dumb bells, medicine balls or sprint up our famous hill. Not everyone in every class is asked to do the same thing.  Each class offers a variety of training parameters adjusted to your level.  It’s a supportive environment where we ask you to work to the best of your ability.  We scale things up a bit for the advanced classes.

Women’s Body Sculpting
Instructors: Shannon Conrad, Jimmy Devries
Want a lean, slender look? Want to sculpt your arms, butt and abs?  Find out how in this fun body sculpting class for women only. Challenge yourself. Get in the greatest shape ever. And be the fittest lady on your block.

Instructor: Jimmy DeVries
Focus on form and technique in this small class that includes plenty of individual attention. After very thorough warm ups and drills, the instructor regularly coaches athletes in this class to personal bests. For example, recent classes have focused on deadlifts, bench presses and push jerks. But you may also find yourself doing other exercises like dips or pull ups. 

Core Dynamics
Instructor: Jimmy Devries
Want to incorporate more core training into your workouts? This super-charged class is for you. We mix core-focused exercises with whole body movements in one amazing class. Blast those abs and get ready for the beach.

High Intensity Conditioning
Instructor: Blaise Ambrose
This class in three words: challenging, fun, addictive. The male and female regulars love it so much they have even been known to try to recruit unsuspecting new “victims.” Test yourself through a fun and challenging full body, high intensity conditioning class that includes circuit, speed and strength work. You’ll work through individual, partner and team drills.  Be prepared to work hard, but experience great camaraderie. You’ll leave more than puddles of sweat on the floor. You’ll leave feeling great about how much you’ve accomplished.  One of the class regulars writes: “Instructor Blaise Ambrose is a great motivator who always keeps things fun and lively. He gets the best out of his athletes and never repeats a workout.  This class is rewarding. It’s great for developing mental toughness and honing your competitive instinct.  It will make you a better athlete.”

Instructor: Tyler Lees-Schmut
A kettlebell looks like a cannon ball with a handle. It is a traditional Russian weight used for everything from strength training to sports conditioning to core work.  Kettlebells work multiple muscle groups at once, developing overall strength and muscular endurance. Participants in this class will build lean muscle and burn fat. They will also build body awareness and hand-eye coordination. All ability levels are welcome. The instructor will help you select the right weight and he takes beginners aside to teach them the basic movements.