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Infrared Sauna Treatment
Infrared Sauna treatment is one of the fastest, most proven and most comfortable ways to stay healthy in today’s toxic world. The warm heating system and self-ventilating window allow people to sweat for 30-60 minutes without overheating their core body temperature, so they can actually burn those calories just by sitting.

These Saunas are used by The University of Toronto, Harvard Medical School and Sunnybrook Hospital and was recently chosen by the head physical therapist for the Ottawa Senators NHL team

Here are just a few of the ailments Infrared Sauna treatments can help with.  

  • Heart Disease: The Mayo Clinic studies in the 1990s showed all 37 participants afflicted with congestive heart failure – the inoperable kind of heart disease – displayed improvement and some even got off their medications after about 6 weeks of regular sauna therapy at low heat.

  • Asthma: Dr. Jozef Krop showed in sauna therapy studies in the 1980s the chronic asthma in a patient exposed to industrial chemicals from the petroleum industry was alleviated in about 4 weeks. Infrared Sauna users have also reported greatly reducing their use of asthma inhalers. 

  • Psoriasis and other skin disorders: Psoriasis like many skin disorders is actually a liver disorder. It happens when certain toxins from food cannot be normally eliminated via the liver, so they’re sent out to the fat cells for future elimination via sweat. When they hit the cells just under the skin, the body begins to over produce skin cells by a factor of 10,000 times. The toxins come out on dead skin cells.By sweating profusely and regularly, these toxins are instead carried out on the droplets of sweat and the symptoms of psoriasis are alleviated. 

  • Arthritis: The heaters in the corners deeply penetrate major joints and aid in soft tissue repair. The energy from the heat helps to break up Lactic Acid which can gather and cause muscle cramping. The soft tissue, and Connective Tissue which concerns arthritics, is made more supple and pliable.

  • Cancer: Regular Infrared Sauna sessions can  expunge toxins known to cause cancer, including lead, mercury, plastics and pthalates, dioxin, pesticides, and heavy metals.

  • Weight Loss: In a letter published in the 1970s in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it was revealed that 30 minutes of profuse sweating on its own is enough to burn up to 600 calories.

“Our biggest success with the sauna, comes from clients who have plateaued during weight loss. They find that with sauna usage they are able to overcome the plateau and shed more pounds!” 
- Lisa Squire RMT, Stayner Massage Therapy, Stayner, Ont.

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