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To foster a culture where health and fitness
drive results and motivate superior
in all areas of life.

    Welcome to the most unique training facility on the planet. 

    You’ll see how different we are the second you walk in the door. There are few machines and lots of open space. After recovering from the shock, you’ll soon notice things like:
    -monkey bars
    -a small rock wall
    -very large tractor tires
    -Olympic lifting platforms with bumper plates
    -Olympic bars and iron plates
    -sledge hammers
    -a homemade log press
    -various pullup stations
    -medicine balls
    -Tornado Ball (a medicine ball on a rope)

    And, of course, there’s our famous field turf, including a hill.

    Our coaches are very creative in making full use of the facility. Advanced athletes might do circuits that involve box jumps to the top of hill, followed by pullups to the monkey bars, then a sled drag on the astroturf.  Track athletes might do drills involving hurdles and mobility ladders on the field turf. Other members might do jumping pullups, climb to the ceiling on the climbing rope, or sprint carrying water jugs. 

    Check out some more pictures on our Flickr Site.  

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    Watch videos about DCC on our Media page.

    Then give us a call at 416-929-7812 to begin your DCC journey. 

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    DCC Testimonials   

    With "top notch facilities" and functional fitness trainers for strength _ conditioning and athletic therapy, DCC was voted a "best of Toronto" award winner by Now readers. Members praise the "great staff" and "unique workouts." They "get in tip-top shape while having fun" in class or personal training sessions.

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