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To foster a culture where health and fitness
drive results and motivate superior
in all areas of life.
About Us
DCC is the realization of the vision of co-founders Jared Postance and Lee Davy. It was created to provide a 360 degree approach in health and wellness for individuals from all walks of life. 

As we explain in detail in our FAQ section, you don't have to be an elite athlete to work out at DCC. Everyone feels at home in a supportive environment that welcomes all ability levels.There are no big egos at DCC. Our members says our sense of community makes us unlike other gyms.

Our approach houses all of your solutions under one roof. Therapeutic treatments, lifestyle modification programs and progressive training methods are all included.

Our membership options go far beyond offering access to equipment or a few group classes. We reject antiquated machines that do little to improve fitness.  We integrate unconventional and innovative programming with unique facility design and skilled therapeutic practitioners. Our services include advanced treatment protocols, lifestyle transformation packages and comprehensive strength and conditioning programs founded on athletic movement training. We adhere to programs based on education, inspiration and accountability creating lifestyle solutions that enable you to reach your full potential.

These services and our special brand of individual attention enables us to provide the finest fitness, nutrition and therapy programs available anywhere. Let us put our team at your disposal.

        ->You'll train in our unique facility.

        ->You won't repeat the same movements again and again. Our unconventional approach uses everything from field turf that includes a hill… to monkey bars… to medicine balls… to sledge hammers… to sleds. You’ll never be bored.

        -> Everything will be scaled to your ability level with progressions available to push you to the next level – your next level.

        ->You’ll burn more calories in less time than with conventional training. You’ll get fitter, faster.Our functional training relates closely to what you encounter in sports and daily life and is based on proven scientific research and our own clinical experience as trainers and therapists.

It’s not just a bunch of random, fun stuff. There is a method to the madness! Read more about it in our FAQ section.

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DCC Testimonials   

With "top notch facilities" and functional fitness trainers for strength _ conditioning and athletic therapy, DCC was voted a "best of Toronto" award winner by Now readers. Members praise the "great staff" and "unique workouts." They "get in tip-top shape while having fun" in class or personal training sessions.

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